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Personal Training

Working one on one with you to achieve your personalized goal. Taking your specific characteristics and attributes to compile a tailored-made program to realise your goal in the most efficient way. You get undivided attention for maximum results out of each and every session. This service includes all assessments and a nutrition plan.

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Group Training

Working with two or three people that have similar goals. The programming is more general taking into account the collective group characteristics. This is a cheaper option while still getting personal attention while training. Groups can be larger than 3 but training would only consist of functional training / High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

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Sport Specific Auxiliary Training

A structured approach to enhance your performance in a specific sport. Training modalities (strength, plyometric, agility, speed, etc.) are added to augment your specific sport training. This is done by identifying goals, performing an athlete assessment, doing a needs analysis and preparing a periodized program.

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Workout Program Design

A workout program designed for you taking the principles of training (progression, overload, adaptability, reversibility, individual differences and specificity) into account.

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Nutrition Plan

Working out an energy allowance and allocating a macro nutrient split to compliment your fitness goal.

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